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Ideal Work from Home Based Business

Our home based franchise is a great option for anyone looking to cut down on overhead costs and work from home. Unlike a typical home based business, though, our home based franchise owners do get out of their home office most days! Since we provide our bathtub repair and refinishing work from home locations of our customers, there is no need for a commercial store front. In fact, we actually encourage our franchisees to operate from home, especially when starting up their franchise. Until you have employees, there really isn't any need to pay for a store front location. Even then, several of our franchisees still operate their business from home with employees.

A Surface Specialists® home based business office is also ideal because there are several costs which qualify for work from home tax deductions. You are also able start your home based franchise much faster and for a lot less than a commercial location when you don’t have to find, buy or rent office space.

A Home Based Business is All About You! How often is anything all about you? Most people who choose to work from home realize that the best reasons for opening a home based franchise are about YOU!

  • You have complete control of your own income
  • You work the hours you want
  • You choose who you want to work for
  • You determine the balance of work and personal time
  • You take vacation and time off when it's convenient for you
  • You complete paperwork on your own schedule - even if it is at midnight
  • You make all the decisions!

Do I need a storefront business?

Whether or not you ever need to convert to a storefront business is up to you. Most of our franchises never open a storefront location, even with a few employees. Some of this decision may depend on where you are able to set up your office and supplies and if employees can come and go on their own without disrupting your family life. A few of our larger franchises with several field and office employees have found it easier to move to a storefront location. Ultimately, you will be the judge of when (or if) moving the office out of your home and into a storefront provides the most benefit.

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