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Large Protected Territories Available

While we do not have as many individual franchise locations as other franchises in our industry; there is a very good reason why. Surface Specialists® offers the LARGEST territories in our industry! Instead of offering multiple locations in one market area, we only establish ONE Surface Specialists® franchise in a market area. It is more important to us for our franchises to have a larger serviceable territory to enable them to succeed than it is for us to be able to report how many locations we have.

Surface Specialists® territories include a population of up to 2 million customers, all for the same low franchise fee. Territories are created by counties, not zip codes, and are further based on several factors including population, driving distance and existing or viable territory locations in direct proximity.

Is your market area available?

Below is a map of our existing franchise locations and the market areas they serve. Any cities located within a red zone are not available.  If the area you live in or are interested in is not in a red zone, let's talk!           

Please enter your zip code and refer to the map to determine if we have a franchise for sale near you.

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Current Target Markets

Though we are interested in expanding to all markets across the US, we do have a few cities that top our list of target markets. Ask about any special incentives to purchase a franchise in these markets:

  • Richmond, VA
  • Lousville, KY
  • Miami, FL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Indianapolis, IN

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