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How much money Surface Specialists business can make

How much money can I make?

Of course, this is the top question everyone wants to know before starting a business, right? Unfortunately, it is also a question we cannot answer for you. Believe me, we wish we had a crystal ball that would show us both!

Due to the sheer number of factors that go into whether any business is more successful or profitable than the next one, there isn’t a way to predict an amount for you. We provide you all the tools and training to operate a successful repair and refinishing franchise, however, what you do with those tools and training and the ultimate potential is dependent on you!

As a franchise, our disclosures in regard to revealing financial information is regulated. Our FDD does contain information in Item 19 which provides results and averages of our existing franchises from the previous fiscal year. Though this information still cannot tell you how much money YOU can make as a Surface Specialists franchise, it might assist you in making a decision.

2020 Gross Sales Data

As published in Item 19 of our 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)


Average Franchise Gross Sales


Top Franchise Gross Sales

For any additional questions regarding income, we encourage you to contact existing franchisees and ask them to share their personal experiences.

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